The menu at Crescent
Sourcing fine quality ingredients that have been nurtured with love and passion is the basis of our cuisine.
We face our cuisine daily with the undivided attention particularly to the careful selection of the season's offerings and how we should present its unique inherent flavors and delicacy to our patrons.
We pursue a simplistic and straight take to present the best flavors only present in the highest quality ingredients in their most ideal forms.
Please enjoy to your heart's delight, the taste of the highest of luxuries from finely picked seasonal flavors.
We thank you for your smile when you meet our prided cuisine.

Crescent Master Chef
Takashi Isogai

Crescent Master Chef Isogai Takashi
March 1963
Born in Niigata Prefecture, Nishikubiki District, Nou Street (present day Itoigawa City)
Graduated from Tsuji Culinary School
Shinkaida of Ookura Hotel
Hana No Ki (Fukuoka)
September 1986
Left for the EU
L'Aubergade (PUYMIROL)
Le crocodile (Strasbourg)
Michel Guerard (Eugenie-les-Bains)
Michel Troisgros (Roanne)
Girardet (Lausanne)
June 1997
Assumed title as Head Chef at Crescent