Tarte vaudoise
One hole 17cm 250g 3,500yen
(Tax excluded) ※Reservation required

Traditional tart, a traditional sweets from the Vaud region of Lake Leman in Switzerland, was a popular wagon dessert at the legendary ”Girardet”. "Girardet" was the three-star restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland. The taste is reproduced as a homage to “Mr. Freddie Girardet”, based on the experience of chef Isogai training at "Girardet".
Until now, we have provided it to customers at the Crescent as after-dinner tea and confectionery, but since there are many requests for sales from customers and we want more people to enjoy it, we decided to sell it.

【expiration date】
Refrigerated storage 3 days ※You can enjoy the smooth taste of fresh cream on the day, and if you store it in the refrigerator, the cream will be moderately solidified, and it will like a fresh caramel and you can enjoy a different taste.

「Chef Isogai recommended eating」
Please eat both chocolate and fruit cake at room temperature.
You can eat it at its best condition.
If you change the chocolate cake to room temperature in a one peice, it will become soft and hard to cut, so I recommend you cut it to the size you like first.

【expiration date】
2 week from purchase